Hot Long Black

It wasn’t too long ago I learned about the difference between a long black and an Americano. Initially I was oblivious to the differences, but I knew that I preferred the former for some reason. Turns out, it was the crema present in long black which tickled my fancy. In terms of preparation, it’s water at the bottom and espresso on top vs espresso at the bottom and water on top – that’s it!

However, I seem to have problems ordering it in Malaysia. Here’s an example of what usually happens when I try to order a long black:

“I’ll have a long black.”
“Oh, Americano?”

I’ll say yes because I’m not picky enough to make a fuss about it (I’ll just bitch about it on my blog), and also because they are essentially the same after a few minutes anyway, when the espresso has mixed with the water. Sometimes they have long black on the menu but serve me an Americano anyway.

Since I don’t make my own coffee, I don’t know if it’s much more difficult pouring espresso into a cup of water as opposed to pouring water into a cup of espresso – but something tells me that it isn’t. If it really isn’t that difficult, I don’t see why these baristas aren’t trained to serve long blacks? Is there something I’m missing?

Hot long blacks are the default drink I’ll order when I’m in a cafe. However, under certain conditions I’ll change my order. If it’s extremely hot outside, I’ll get a cold one instead. If I’ve already had enough coffees for the day, I’ll switch to tea. If it’s very late at night, I’ll get an uncaffeinated tea. I judge a cafe based on the quality of the long black they serve. They could have the crappiest food ever, but if they make a good cup of long black, I’ll be back. Also, if you’re a hitman trying to get me, you know what to do.

I discovered long black by chance – I usually ordered Americanos when I first started drinking black coffee because that was what Starbucks served me. It was when I was at a cafe that didn’t have Americano on the menu and only long black was how I found out about the better coffee.

I started drinking coffee thanks to my stint at Ubergizmo. I had to stay up for an event that was happening early in the morning (due to time zones), so I kept myself awake with some instant Nescafe that my mom stocked at home. This was quite late in my life – about five or six years ago? Previously, the only coffee I consumed were ice-blended drinks from Starbucks/Coffee Bean. It was a life changer.

I’ve had coffee from Melbourne, supposedly the best coffee in the world, and I disagree with that title. Also, I don’t understand how something as diverse as coffee can be given a best in the world title when taste is so subjective? And if I disagree with that opinion, I’m wrong. Fuck that shit. If anybody asks me about my favorite coffee, I can answer that in a heartbeat – the Caribbean beans long black from Doiffee. Hands down, best coffee I’ve ever had. Which is why I had it almost every day during my three-month break. That shit is the bomb.

Never expected to write over 500 words on such a trivial subject. What’s your coffee story?

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