Rhythm of the Falling Rain

The loud booming thunder, flashes in the sky and falling water set the tone for the evening. It was like any other Wednesday, minus the atrocious weather. There goes my jogging plans. He thought to himself as he slumped back into the couch in his living room. He picked up the remote control and turned on the television. News. Soap opera. Cartoon. News. Nothing tickled his fancy, and he switched it off.

He wasn’t afraid of falling sick by going out in the rain. After all, he read it up on the internet that rain causing sickness was only a myth. Neither was he worried about slipping or being hit by a car – there was a perfectly safe park opposite house where he could jog to his heart’s content. The rain was just an excuse. He was just feeling lazy.

He got up from the couch and took off his running shoes. He walked back towards the window and looked out again. The rain wasn’t letting up. He definitely wasn’t going to jog tonight. Hopefully it doesn’t cause any floods – would be a bitch to get to work. He noticed that his thoughts sounded like one-sided conversations with himself. Most of the time he’d ask rhetorical questions. Once in a while, he’d stump himself. But unlike conversations with other people, there was nobody to judge him for the words going through his mind.

I guess I’ll just call it an early night. He took off his running clothes and headed into the bathroom to wash up. It’s the perfect weather to fall asleep to anyway. He thought to himself as he pulled the blanket over his head. The falling rain was music to his ears.

Writing Prompt from Reddit: What he saw outside his window

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