I used to be invincible, so damn sure of everything

I discovered Hit The Lights many years ago when I was getting into pop punk and their album This Is A Stickup…Don’t Make It A Murder was a random album I decided to check out while scouring the internet for music to listen to (RIP emotorrents). From the opening notes of The Call Out to the closing chants of the acoustic hidden track, I knew I had stumbled upon a gem of a band.

They had everything I enjoyed in a pop punk band – clever lyrics, palm-mute verses, guitar chugs and catchy choruses. The fact that they also featured Just Surrender’s vocalist (one of my favorite bands then) on Talk Us Down was just icing on the cake. The album didn’t have a single bad song and was worth listening on repeat for months (I still put it on from time to time when I want something upbeat and fun).

Hit The Lights – Talk Us Down

But like the saying goes – good things don’t last forever. It wasn’t long when their lead vocalist quit the band not too long after their debut album, leaving them as a four piece outfit. While I was worried that they wouldn’t sound the same anymore, they came back even better than ever. Their music became more energetic, heavier and punchier. It was also during the happy-hardcore era that Four Year Strong popularized so I couldn’t be happier.

Hit The Lights – Back Breaker

Their third album didn’t leave a lasting impression (they still had some great songs on it) as it had more of an alt-rock, experimental vibe. However, their latest album, Summer Bones, restored my faith in the band with the return to their poppier sound. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything new from them but according to Wikipedia they’re currently working on their next album and I’m looking forward to it.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite tracks from the band:

Hit The Lights – Bodybag

Hit The Lights – Don’t Wait

Hit The Lights – Drop The Girl

Hit The Lights – Gravity

Hit The Lights – Earthquake

Hit The Lights – Fucked Up Kids

Hit The Lights – Summer Bones

Hit The Lights – Blasphemy, Myself and I

Hit The Lights – One Hundred Times

Hit The Lights – Until We Get Caught

Hit The Lights – Her Eyes Say Yes

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