Random Photolog 6218438

A few days ago when I was taking a shit, I noticed that the brand of my boxer was ‘Jules’. So I took a picture of it.
Then a few days later, I was thinking to myself which was more disturbing- the fact that I thought about Julius while taking a shit, or the fact that I’m taking pictures of my underwear.

This is where you tune into MTV for the Mat Rempit generation! Lame caption. But I saw that sign and thought it was funny!

The other day I was late for work because I had a flat tyre. I woke up in the morning, went down to my car and noticed my wheel was flat. Upon closer inspection I found a BFN– Big Fucking Nail. Yeah that’s right. Thank heavens for my car, if it wasn’t for my car, I probably would have a BFN up my feet instead. My car saved my life, and yours can save yours too.

These are the guys from France who came to work with us during the past week. Fernando, Jean and Patrick, from SIP animation, the guys who brought you ATOM and the new Inspector Gadget, and The Lion King. Just kidding about the Lion King part.. they did do the adventures of the little mermaid though (not to be confused with Disney’s little mermaid). Fernando was like a cartoon stuck in the real world. He was so animated and full of expressions, never failing to make us laugh whenever he spoke. Amazing guy!

The other I took a photograph to show the jam that I go through almost every morning. I never really gave much thought about the photo till the other day, as I was looking at it closely, I noticed the car’s license plate number- 1134! It amazes me how I never fail to spot those 4 digits everywhere!

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