Red Sky

Someday Maybe by PyriteKite

Nobody was prepared even though we knew well in advance it was going to happen. We all just ignored the signs – or just believed that it wasn’t going to happen. The end of the world. That’s what they said it was.

It was all over the news – on the TV, on radio, on the internet. Nobody could stop talking about it. It was finally happening. After all the predictions that never happened in the previous years, it was finally coming true.

There was a giant space rock, twice the size of Earth, hurtling towards us. Where it came from or why it was headed our direction was a mystery. But all they knew was that life as we know was coming to an end.

I didn’t really care about it. After all, it was not like I could have done anything about it. I was but a single human being with no special powers or faith in higher beings. Just a regular guy living a regular life.

Like it wouldn’t matter if the world ended – hell, it wouldn’t even matter if I died. I mean, there’s nothing I’ve done or am currently doing that will make a difference to the people around me. Besides, the world was going to end today, it wouldn’t matter anyway.

I knew that the world was going to end at seven in the evening, so I got dressed and headed out of the house at five. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I know where I wanted to be to witness it all go down.

I took my car up the windy roads to Pineapple Peak. Unsurprisingly there was no traffic – I expected everybody to be home with their loved ones. I was right. I found a good parking spot, got out of the car and threw the keys onto the driver’s seat. I left it unlocked. For whoever finds my car after the shitstorm that’s going down tonight.

I grabbed my backpack and headed up the trail to my favorite spot on the hill. Sat down, leaned against the slope and stared out into the town. Lights were on in almost all the houses. Whether people were panicking or not – I was too far away to tell. Not that it would have bothered me anyway.

I pulled out a cigarette and lit it up. “This could be the last stick I smoke,” I thought to myself. Heh, anything I do from now on would be the last anything I did. I took a long drag and exhaled.

The meteorite was now clearly visible. Its fiery glow painted the skies red as it approached our planet. Depsite our planet’s impending doom, I couldn’t help but be marvelled by the beauty of the spectacle.

There was really nothing on my mind. I was going to die in peace. Don’t all people die in peace? I mean, death means the end of suffering right? There’s no way anything after this was going to be worse than what people have to go through here. Kinda makes you wonder about death penalties – aren’t you giving criminals the easy way out by killing them? Shouldn’t we be torturing them until they grow old and them release them on an island somewhere full of other old criminals where they can live out the remainder of their lives.

I took another drag and exhaled. Through the smoke I saw the meteorite. It was huge, and it was travelling pretty quickly. I wonder if anybody is going to survive this. Probably the people on the other side of the world. Though they’d be in for an earthquake of their lives.

My phone suddenly beeped. Whee, a tag on Facebook. Let’s see what it says.

“Mothers in heaven, it’s time to hide your daughters – oh wait. I’m probably going to hell.” Heh, classic George. That guy never fails to clown around. “kek”, I commented and shut off my phone.

I got up from where I was sitting and walked towards to edge of my perch. I stood and stared into the sky.

Writing Prompt from Reddit: Inferno

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