The Sunk Cost Fallacy is real

The Sunk Cost Fallacy – I know it’s nothing special, everybody experiences it, but it was only recently I discovered its name. It’s basically a name for when you keep doing something you don’t have to or shouldn’t do because you are already invested in it.

Anyway, I noticed that it’s something I’ve been going through a lot recently. I spent a lot of money on games on Steam – and even though they were cheap (I only ever buy games on discount or in bundles), I felt the need to complete them because I had already spent money to buy them. However, not all these games are good and when I play bad games, I end up wasting my time (which could be spent playing Dota 2 instead kek). While this doesn’t happen all the time, I do finish some of these bad games, which is often a mistake. I don’t get my money back when I play them, so I have literally no reason to play a game to completion if I don’t have fun doing it.

Now I’m not saying it’s a good thing to waste money, but all this could have been avoided by being careful with my money in the first place. I’ve learnt to cut off a lot of things in life due to the limited amount of free time I have. Life’s too short to waste – so make sure you do what makes you happy.

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