That Darn Cat

He sat and waited in his car, but she didn’t show up. Her car was home but she was nowhere to be found. There was no answer when he called her phone, he thought to himself, ‘she must be busy’. He waited for another five minutes before he left. He had everything he wanted to tell her all planned out and rehearsed in his head. ‘I guess I’ll try again another day.’ He felt his heart sinking and fought back tears as he drove home.

Oh man, he’ll be so disappointed
hope he doesn’t think I avoided
him on purpose! I can’t believe that
I’m stuck in this car ‘cos of my cat.

I fell in trying to get him out
of my trunk, clunk! was what I heard
before I blacked out – my vision was blurred

I passed out and I lost track of time
Before I woke and started to yell
Get me out before I lose my mind!
I didn’t want to die, can’t you tell?

Sure enough, I heard his car pull up
It idled for a while then he gave up
Guess he’ll never know what happened
I found myself fading

Writing Prompt from Reddit: Write two sides to the same story, one in Verse, one in Prose.

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