Gig #127: Twenty Eight Bar Reopening

It’s a bit last minute, but it’s not like this blog is the pinnacle for updates on more life. Then again, where else would my lovely readers learn about my activities? Oh right. My non-existent life updates on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, of course!

Isn’t it funny how I use the slowest medium for the most time-sensitive developments? It doesn’t matter, but also, I don’t know why I ask myself these questions in the middle of the night (or morning), a few hours before I have to head into the office.

Enough rambling, just a quick post to say I’ll be playing another show at Bar Twenty Eight in Telawi, Bangsar on Monday night. Apparently, they shut down and re-opened next door (26 Telawi now), so it should be a momentous occasion of some sort.

The video above is a recording of my May 8th performance.

Google Maps | Instagram | 19 June | 8 PM

I have the 10pm slot, so feel free to drop by and chill if you’ve got nothing going on! See you guys there <3

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